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Culture and Language Training

Culture and Language Training

Smooth the adjustment process

One of the greatest challenges transferee’s face when moving to a new country is adjustment to a new culture. Working with colleagues, making new friends, learning about a new environment is crucial to creating ease.

Long & Foster Mobility partners with local specialists to arrange for intercultural training prior to the client’s arrival. We may also secure arrangements in the early days of the transferee’s assignment for cultural training which may include children and spouses.

Lack of understanding and communication challenges inherently creates stress. Long & Foster Mobility understands how difficult an assignee’s adaptation to a different environment may be compounded by their language confidence.

By utilizing local ESL experts, our language training services are arranged for the transferee and may even include tuition for the whole family if needed. Our international relocation counselors are available every step of the way offering the services unique to the needs and concerns of your international relocation assignee.